Watching the demolition of a landmark structure has always been a captivating occasion.
But it only happens once and if you miss it, well, you’ve missed it.

PP Oconnor Thwaites Demolition
Having our Aerial Team on location for the demolition of the iconic Thwaites Brewery building in Blackburn meant nothing was missed and we were able to capture this once in a lifetime event.

capturing the demolition

PP Oconnor Thwaites Demolition


Demolition is dangerous by nature and can be  unpredictable and the machines used to nibble away at building are immense!  From a safe distance we were able to fly close to the action and catch some amazing footage!

Sky High Footage is CAA Licensed, fully insured and experienced in capturing the images you need. Footage obtained can be supplied raw or fully edited depending on your requirements. We can help in the following areas.

  • Building Demolitions
  • Commercial and Domestic
  • Facade Renewals
  • Industrial Dismantling
  • Asbestos Removals
PP Oconnor Thwaites Demolition

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