Our City Centre images from Manchester always get a great response on Instagram and Facebook. It’s probably that once familiar buildings take on a whole new perspective when viewed from 120m above the ground. Our Civil Aviation Authority Approval allows us to legally get closer and capture the shots you may have thought impossible.

Manchester City Centre Coop Angel Gardens


Working with a number of developers, architects and design companies, we regularly supply photos and videos to see what the view will be like when the building is complete. Taken at different heights, this helps to see the view from different floors of the construction before it’s finished, enabling marketing material to accurately reflect the backdrop and developers to see what they are developing.

images from the sky

Manchester City Centre Piccadilly Station


Who new that Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Victoria looked so good from above. Anyone who lives in Manchester or who has walked by these stations probably hasn’t seen them from this angle.¬†

Our CAA Approval has helped us legally gain experience flying in city centres. We have flown in Central London at Tower Bridge and The O2 Area, all with the blessing of The Met. All our flights undergo full risk assessment and carry full public liability insurance.

Manchester City Centre Victoria Station

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