Working with homeowners, surveyors and building companies on a regular basis, we can provide detailed and accurate drone roof inspection images for assessment on the ground. 

Roof Inspection

roof inspections

Giving full access to examine all areas of the roof  from the safety of the ground, accessing those hard to reach places without the need for expensive scaffolding. We can provide detailed images and video featuring close-ups of any defects on tiles, chimney stacks, flashings, gutters and wood work.

inspect your property from above

Roof Inspection


Difficult to access or roofs in a dangerous condition can be accessed safely and the results viewed in real time via a ground based monitor. 

All Sky High Footage pilots are CAA Approved and all flights comply with legal regulations regarding the use of unmanned aircraft for commercial operations in the UK Airspace. 

We provide all the relevant images and video captured during the drone roof  survey same day if required.

4k video can be edited to your requirements and file sizes reduced if neccesary to suit any computer performance.  

If you need more information on our drone roof inspection costs please see our rates page. 

Roof Inspection by drone

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